Monday, September 10, 2007

Rails Rumble, RubyEast, and the Ravishing, Regal Regalia of the Red Robin

This weekend a couple of friends and I competed in the Rails Rumble, developing, what I think to be, a solid product (even though it currently has quite a number of rough edges). We call it Conduit, a communication application that lets you send messages from one interface and have them delivered over the medium of the receipients' choice (currently, AIM, IRC, e-mail, SMS, Campfire, Jabber, and Twitter are available). The basic mechanism is that you create an account, invite users, create channels (such as "Design Team" or "Beta Testers" or "The Wife's Family"), the confirmed users subscribe to these channels, and then the messages sent over those channels are doled out to all subscribers over their preferred communication medium. So if you send a message to your Design Team channel, Mike can get it on AIM, Ralph over e-mail, and you know Alice spends half her day on Twitter. Go ahead and vote for us when the voting opens on Wednesday!

Let's hope we win. We won't find out, though, until RubyEast in Philadelphia at the end of this month. I'll be speaking, giving The Humble Little Ruby Talk, an introduction to Ruby. This will be followed up by Amy Hoy's introduction to Rails, so if you're a Ruby newb or a Rails neophyte, you should go register up. Even so, if you're a seasoned vet, a lot of the talks look really interesting. Head on over to the conference site and take a looksie at the talks and maybe even the registraiton page.


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